Techcrunch reported that Indian politicians are introducing legislation to ban Bitcoin and other private crypto-currencies, allow some blockchain tokens and their own government issued crypto. Is this serious?

  1. India is always paranoid about hard currency dating back to Gandhi. They have always limited it so hate hate hate crypto, that they cannot control.
  2. Indian currency is a total mess reflecting the ‘third world’ nature of the Indian economy. They had to eliminate the 1000 and 500 Rupee notes because less than 3% of turnover paid tax. Tax avoidance is a national sport and everything is in cash. Corruption is endemic…

Fidelity Investments is one of the world’s largest investment managers with $8.3trillion under management. More money than in most countries.

They are pioneers in offering crypto to their clients. When governments, economists, banks and other financial ‘experts’ were laughing at crypto, Fidelity’s CEO was championing this new asset class.

Other asset managers should be very concerned about their aggressive positioning in this area as they are going to take alot of their clients before they respond with an equivalent offer…..LOL.

Fidelity Digital Assets Research

Fidelity Digital Assets division released their latest 2020 research findings and their implications are massive for…

As the story goes, one day in 1929, Joe Kennedy is getting his shoes shined. The boy began to give stock tips as he polished Kennedy’s oxfords. In that moment, it struck Joe that he needed to leave the market.

In the US, its called the Robinhood phenomenon. Millions of millennials pouring into the stock market using their no-fees app. The markets are crowing at the boom its causing in stock prices, especially in Tech stocks.

In Australia, its apps like Hatch and in NZ, it has Sharesies.

NZ’s Businessweek revealed that the Sharesies impact is in just a few…

People are excited about Crypto today. Its broken the three year down trend. The market is singing…’The only way is up, Baby!’

Well, ok, sure. I am sure the future is fantastic. Yet EXPECT a highly volatile market for the next 12 months. Lead by Bitcoin…$11,000, $13,000, $10,000, $14,000, $9,000, $20,000… you get the idea.

Well I hope you do get the idea. Up down up down YET trend is up. So buy now.

The question is ‘who far can prices go?’ What is the potential of Crypto?

There are endless people predicting the price of Bitcoin. Most of them…

The next boom is the big story and here is the best chart to help you work it out. It shows the price history of Bitcoin which leads the crypto market and because its based on a logarithmic view, we can see the rate of change necessary for prediction.

Wave 1. Bitcoin Boom [as we used to call it in 2015].

  • Development. 2010–2011. Two years as 2009 was a non-public development.
  • Growth. 2012–2013. Two years.
  • Crazy Boom at end of 2013. 1100% growth in 2 months to $1137

Wave 2. Crypto Boom [as we used to call it in 2018].

Bitcoin Hyped to the moon

The crypto-world is getting hyped off its face as Bitcoin breaks three year downtrend and there are a number of major coin developments. See graph below to see how the ‘green’ has jumped about that top line.

The problem is that rumour and bullshit is flying everywhere as the ‘commentators’ who are all ‘long’ Bitcoin are whipping up the market praying for the major hyperbolic move we have all talked about for years. Its $100,000 a coin baby!!

A classic example I love is the graph below which was recently ‘attributed to links with global…

One lousy new flu bug and the world’s economy loses its shit. Or so my friend said to me.

Now Covid-19 is more than a new flu, the point on the world economy is accurate.

Let’s understand this right. The world shuts done for a month or so and suddenly nothing works. Most critically, and this will be seen over the coming months, the logistics systems will fail. Quarantine laws stop backpackers from planting one of four crops per year, meaning fewer tomatoes in September. Or $10 per tomato.

Everything is connected. Construction stops because plumbing parts cannot be sourced…

Market Update
Every day, I will be giving a ‘Market Update’ to keep you informed with what’s going on in the general crypto and stocks sphere. Watch the Market Updates here.

What’s Happening?

We are respectful that this is a time of deep financial concern for many people. We also want to be clear that Dacxi has solutions to people’s economic problems, and it is essential to share this reality.

For all the fluctuations in the crypto-asset market, it should benefit significantly from these turbulent times due to the ‘digital gold’ status of Bitcoin and the interest of the wider…

In explaining the Dacxi business, the company Utility Warehouse is often raised. This is due to the similarity of business concepts. I was the creator for both entities — Dacxi and Telecom Plus PLC, now trading as Utility Warehouse [UW].

UW is a well-known and successful British company, yet few people know of its origin as I have never promoted my involvement. As the concepts and connection are often raised in the UK and enquired about internationally, here is additional information:

Telecom Plus PLC facts:

• Founded in 1996 in London, by myself Ed Ludbrook and Richard Elliot-Square. Richard brought…

For all it’s sometimes negative associations, Network Marketing is a genius business concept and wonderful income opportunity.

I first joined this industry in the summer of 1989 in London, and over the last 30 years have seen all the good and bad aspects. I have been blessed with success in so many areas and worked with countless amazing committed people.

My eventual position in this industry is that of the ‘High Performance’ expert specialising in strategy, systems and leadership working with many of the greatest companies and leaders.

I am best known as a futurist with the world’s best-selling book…

Edward Ludbrook

The Future of Crypto is important. I am Financial Futurist, Educator & Entrepreneur. Multi-million selling author. CEO, Dacxi — the No1 Crypto Wealth Platform

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