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Market Update
Every day, I will be giving a ‘Market Update’ to keep you informed with what’s going on in the general crypto and stocks sphere. Watch the Market Updates here.

What’s Happening?

We are respectful that this is a time of deep financial concern for many people. We also want to be clear that Dacxi has solutions to people’s economic problems, and it is essential to share this reality.

For all the fluctuations in the crypto-asset market, it should benefit significantly from these turbulent times due to the ‘digital gold’ status of Bitcoin and the interest of the wider financial markets. Dacxi’s affiliate programme should also attract many of those who are looking for new financial opportunities. We seem to have perfect timing, and this is currently being reflected in Dacxi’s performance in March.

Historical Lessons:

They say that ‘history repeats itself’, so what can we learn from the last three financial collapses; the Asia Crisis 1997, Dot Com Bust 2000–1 and GFC 2008:

1. Market collapses after excessive irrational gains. Markets always collapse following a period of excessive asset price growth that does not reflect the underlying economy:

  • Asian markets boomed in the 1990s, as ‘hot’ money poured into Asia chasing the Asian Boom.

2. Black Swan. The coronavirus crisis is simply a ‘Black Swan’ event that was the catalyst to this crash. The impact of the virus will drive a very harsh recession as well. Market collapses follow a standard formula…

  • Firstly, [CRASH] something happens to trigger the collapse, and all markets are sold off aggressively.

3. Different assets respond differently. Today?

  • Gold goes up if they think money will go into ‘haven.’ It’s bounced back to only 10% of highs.

Crypto should have a very positive future, because:

  • The other investment asset sectors look too sick; therefore, crypto looks positive comparatively for investors.

For these reasons and many others, Dacxi is confident about crypto and the company’s future. This change can only be great for Dacxi and, therefore, you. Take advantage of your good fortune. Share the news.

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