The Fear of Crypto

Ed Ludbrook - Future of Crypto
4 min readAug 11, 2022

For more than three decades, I have coached people new to financial opportunities. All success is based on fear and confidence.

Confidence delivers action for success. Often any action results in success.

Fear kills confidence to act.

The enemy of success is not failure, its fear.

What do people fear in crypto today?

The market drops. People are fearful even when the story why people thought Bitcoin would go to $100,000+/coin still exists. The $10,000/Ether analysis is still in place.

They should be excited as now they can buy more at a better price.

Yet they are scared to act. Fear of ‘something’ stops them.

False Evidence Appearing Real. F.E.A.R.

The market drops. A few companies die. The evidence of disaster appears real so people ignore news like the world’s biggest investment management company Blackrock announcing its investors who own $22trillion in assets can now buy Bitcoin with them. If 0.1% of assets moves to Bitcoin, as predicted, the price would be through $100k.

US President Roosevelt once said when the USA faced the ‘Great Depression’ in 1933 that they had ‘nothing to fear except fear itself’.

The fear they were experiencing was ‘the fear of uncertainty of the future’.

This is the fear for many in crypto today. ‘What is going to happen?’

It’s why the horde of retail speculators who joined the crypto space in 2021 are either selling up or sitting out.

They are uncertain. They are fearful.

Yesterday I listened to an Economist magazine podcast on cryptocurrency which lead with the story of some young artist who blindly gambled on bitcoin and now complaining that he had ‘lost’ his $20k’s worth of Bitcoin as the price had collapsed and he had stored it with a lending company now in Chapter 11. He was angry and stated that he was not going to come back into the industry ‘until it was secure as a bank’.

LOL. What an idiot.

The fact that the Economist did not laugh at this totally undermines their professional competence in my eyes.

This guy had a blind gamble. He openly stated he did no research so treated crypto like a get-rich scheme and now demands the risk to be the same as a bank deposit before he gambles again! LOL.

  1. Pioneer Wave.

For 12 years, crypto has been in a Pioneer Wave. Highly speculative. Unregulated. Driven by innovation, ideas, scams and speculation. Like the Internet from 1960s to early 2000s.

This development was the same as ALL financial assets and market. The boom / bust developing equities was classic. Yet it ALWAYS is based on the fundamental rule… Risk=Reward.

2. Momentum Wave

The underlying technology to crypto is PROVEN. The next wave will be the big one like the Internet from 2000s — 2010s. The winning coins will be…

  1. Bitcoin. Massive money printing ALWAYS kills the value of currencies. Bitcoin and Precious metals are the ONLY hard money. Bitcoin will be $100,000 per coin. 2022, 2024, 2028….who cares. It will get there.
  2. Ethereum. Over the next decade, demand for tokenised assets will increase by ONE million times. Some will be tokenized on public blockchains Ethereum has won the battle so is positioned to be the Amazon of tokenization platforms. Who knows how much currency [ie ETH] will be needed yet it should multiples of today’s valuation.
  3. A few other ‘big coins’. They need to fight it out.
  4. Tokenized Precious Metals. Tokenization is the best way for the world to buy metals and inflation drives demand. This will be a $100bn sector.
  5. Tokenized Real World Assets [TRWA as they are called]. RWA are the major financial assets of listed shares, bonds and big property. In a few years some huge companies will tokenize them for global investment. $10s of trillions of assets to power the new global Tokenized Wealth market.
  6. NEXT Wave Retail Cryptos. These are crypto-currencies who will be used to power major applications for blockchain technology that NEED a crypto currency. These new ‘retail applications’ of blockchain technology are like how retail applications emerged in the early 2000s after the Internet pioneer boom. Areas like Social Media, Search, e-commerce, mobile, etc. The hottest areas in the world.

It is why Dacxi was born [ie we do are we predict].

One part of Dacxi Wealth [being rebranded] is pioneering the Tokenized Wealth sector. See those assets listed in Areas 1,2,3,4 above. And waiting for No5. TRWA.

Other part is Dacxi Chain which will use blockchain technology to create a global crowdfunding network that will unleash the power of Early Stage investment funding. The blockchain will be used in seven different areas to solve problems for global investments with scale.

The global crowdfunding sector linking 1000s platforms in a decentralised network connecting tens of millions of investors globally with thousands of deals raising up to $100bn per year. This massive ecosystem will require a unique crypto-currency as a Transaction, Blockchain, Exchange and Community currency. This is what a No 6. Retail Crypto looks like. Dacxi Coin.

Fear dies with education. Fear dies with belief.

Don’t fear about crypto. Just have fear you are not invested enough.



Ed Ludbrook - Future of Crypto

I am Financial Futurist, Educator & Entrepreneur. Multi-million selling author in 20 languages. The Future of Crypto book coming.